24 Multiplayer

24 Multiplayer is a game for the whole family where speed of mental arithmetic decides the winner. The goal is to manipulate 4 given numbers to get the number 24. You have addition, subtraction, multiplication and division to your help.

Example: Given numbers are 4 6 7 2. You can take (6 + 2) * (7 - 4) to calculate 24. Numbers will always be between 1 and 13, you can never have negative numbers or decimals and it works with all given numbers popping up in the game. You can of course play this with a normal card of deck, but then be aware that there will be several combinations that are impossible to solve.

The game will hopefully soon be available on both iPad and iPhone within shortly and this website will be filled with FAQ and other help for players. More information on exact rules will also shortly appear here. Stay put!

We are happy to announce that the game now is available in App Store and the current version is 1.0. A version for single player and some improvements is submitted and waiting for Apple to review it (this will be version 1.1). You can download 24 Multiplayer here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/24-multiplayer/id882599805?mt=8.